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                 u/fmash16's page

I am a student currently studying Electronics Engineering, with a passion for cybersecurity and linux. This is my personal blog site, which I set up with a view to document my journey learning cybersecurity through articles on topics I learn. Besides the site will also hold some other tech stuff that I might be interested in and take up as a project.

This blog has been setup as a means of documenting my journey in the field and also to write posts on my findings and learnings, as I beleive, documenting what I do or learn is much helpful to me to have a clear understanding of the topic in scope, and also it might help others. Another main aim of mine is to post writeups on the various challenges, CTFs that I will be solving. A lot can be learnt through these. These will help me as well as others who might be looking for some materials to get going in the competiotions.

So, stay plugged in, and

H4Ck 4W4Y!